Data Driven Medical Guidance

The inertia of day to day living can cause a level of stress that may activate poor coping habits and deviate us from our health goals. Membership provides gentle and consistent guidance towards our health objectives, like a lantern guiding the path.

The membership option provides data driven medical guidance at regular intervals to accelerate the optimization of our weight, energy levels, and hormonal levels.

Membership includes:

  • Two 30-minute appointments per month (either in-person or via video)

  • Unlimited text / email support

  • Nutritional and hormonal guidance

  • 20% of all medical aesthetics

  • Discounts on laboratory testing for self pay

If you choose to be members in the same calendar month of initial consult, then they will be credited 3 months of membership starting w the month of their initial consult.

All new memberships come with a 9 month contract.

I’ve always felt very comfortable sharing my health struggles as she takes a genuine and caring approach to help me understand why the issues are occurring. My life has changed dramatically under the care of Dr. Page. In less than a year she’s helped me discover my hypothyroidism, food allergies, and digestion/detox issues that have most likely been affecting me my entire life.

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