What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine seeks to find the root cause of symptoms, instead of simply treating the complaint.

In Functional medicine, providers aim to treat the molten center of the problem. Like stars in the sky that form a constellation, our goal is identify a medical pattern from seemingly disparate symptoms by linking symptoms to a central systemic issue. Functional medicine providers identify these systemic issues by investigating the basic machinery of our body. This machinery includes gut health, reproductive hormones, nutrition, spiritual/emotional health, thyroid, metabolism, inflammation, and exposure to environmental toxins. Additionally, functional medicine can identify very early signs of chronic disease through the use of more sensitive reference ranges than traditional internal medicine and primary care.

Functional medicine serves as a superb additional layer of guidance and vision to your primary care routine.

Dr. Allyson Page has made a tremendous impact on my overall health and well-being. From the moment I met her, I was extremely impressed with the amount of time she spent getting to know my health history, prior experience with other doctors, and the goals I have for my future. I’ve always felt very comfortable sharing my health struggles as she takes a genuine and caring approach to help me understand why the issues are occurring. My life has changed dramatically under the care of Dr. Page. In less than a year she’s helped me discover my hypothyroidism, food allergies, and digestion/detox issues that have most likely been affecting me my entire life.

Annie M., Current Patient
Let’s start taking care of your health from the inside out.